Never miss a live streaming podcast

With Podlive you can listen to live streaming Podcasts. We currently support all podcast livestreams broadcasting via Ultraschall with Studio Link OnAir. You can mark your favourite channels to get notified via push notifications immediately when a channel starts streaming.

Podlive is a collaborative project of Stefan Trauth (iOS), Frank Gregor (macOS) and Sven Hennessen (Android).

Podlive on your iPhone

Listen to your favourite Podcasts on the go, wherever your are. While cycling, hiking or going by train - never miss a live streaming podcast.

Podlive on the iPad

Get a coup of tea, relax on your couch and listen to podcast livestreams on your iPad.

Podlive on the Apple TV

Listen to podcast livestreams on your Apple TV in your living room.

Podlive on your Mac

You can listen to live Podcasts even on your beloved Mac. Mark your favourite channels and Podlive will notify you automatically when a Podcast starts streaming.

On your Mac optionally you can choose one of two supported themes: Aqua and Dark.

All features at a glance

Podlive has some interesting features. It has never been easier to follow your favourite Podcasts while they are being streamed. It's better than a real Radio.

Follow Podcasts

To follow a Podcast, mark it as your favourite. For every favourite Podcast, Podlive will send a push notification when the stream has started.


In case you are using Podlive on more than one device, all your favourite channels are being synchronised by your Podlive account.


You can listen live to all Podlive Podcasts, while they are being recorded!


Es ist interessant zu erfahren, wieviel Menschen gerade einen bestimmten Podcast hören. Für alle live streamenden Podcasts wird die momentane Zuhörerzahl in Echtzeit angezeigt.


Whenever one of your favourite channels is going to start a live stream or a pre-show, Podlive notifies you immediately. Both your iPhone and your Mac will show you a push notification - in realtime!

Sync built in

If you are using both iOS and macOS we recommend to signup for a Podlive account. All you have to do is to enter a nickname, a valid email address and your password. After having done that your favourites will be pushed to all devices you installed Podlive on. It's that easy!


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How to get my Podcast listed in Podlive?

To get your own Podcast listed at Podlive, we recommend to broadcast your live streams with Studio Link OnAir. It is built into the open source community project Ultraschall.


Do you have any questions, problems, feature requests or you just want to let us know that you like our work? Please feel free to contact us! We love to get in touch!

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